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URGE is in constant communications with major Fortune 500 and enterprise market CIO’s, CTO’s, Telecom Managers and Communication Executives across the country on a daily basis. Simply put… it’s what we do. So, if someone is looking to hire for a position or leave a position, guess who knows first? URGE! Send us your resume or position to see if we can satisfy your urge.

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Installation - Moves, Adds & Changes

With over ten years of voice and data communications experience, we have built the Urge Technician Network with well over 2000 members. What does this mean to URGE customers? At any given moment, URGE can dispatch a technician to your location anywhere in the United States to do anything from changing a handset cord or replacing a hub to cabling, installing and programing a complex multi location voice and data solution. Our core customer base is corporations with multiple locations who want end-to-end communications fulfillment from a single source… URGE!


Do you have a short or long term voice or data project that you need help with? URGE will place an experienced professional at your location to insure your project is a success.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Local, Long Distance & T-1 consolidation and evaluation
  • Project Management – Full System Integration
  • Call center implementation and training
  • End User System Admin Training
  • Cabling Infrastructure Implementation


URGE is an authorized Avaya Global Services Provider. We can make sure your Avaya Maintenance Agreement is complete and remains current. We have both Avaya and URGE Maintenance Agreements to fit every customer’s needs and expectations.

Repair and Refurbish

Do you have excess equipment from a closed location? Are you starting to warehouse broken equipment because you don’t know what to do with it? Send it to URGE. Our 8 step Repair and Refurbishing Process will bring your equipment back to life at a fraction of the price of new equipment.


As a result of our business, URGE customers often have excess equipment that they no longer need. What to do, what to do? Send it to URGE! URGE is part of a nationwide purchasing group that can find a home for your unwanted voice and data equipment. Reclaim some of your initial investment on equipment with URGE!

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